3CE generates Harmonized System commodity
codes from everyday product descriptions...
no matter how they are expressed.

3CE reduces customs compliance errors and lowers the cost of HS classification for anyone involved in international trade.

The 3CE application lets you classify your imports and exports in the most accurate possible way.
Quickly, and easily.

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Custom Brokers/Logistics Service Providers
Custom Brokers/International Logistics Service Providers
An instant, accurate classification tool for use by expert and semi skilled personnel.
The 3CE HS Code Solution
Providing in-house classification capabilities to manage risks and costs associated with customs compliance, and delivering true and accurate landed cost.
The 3CE HS Code Solution
Goverment HS Code Classification Solutions
Automated tools for trade compliance and cargo security enforcement, revenue and statistical assurance, and trade facilitation / promotion.
The 3CE HS Code Solution

Case Studies

Prior to the adoption of 3CE, our client identified four major operational challenges. First, there were problems collecting and filing mandatory commodity information for Customs. Vendors provided only hard copy documents, and critical commodity information was often missing.